Equip Rental Sales

About Us

Faithfully Serving Eastern Missouri Since 2006

Equip Rental and Sales, established in 2006 in St. Peters, Missouri, has become a staple in our local communities, helping you finish your weekend jobs, supporting your jobsites, and seeing each project to completion alongside you. With branches in St. Peters, St. Charles, and Wentzville, we actively contribute to, and support the, unique needs of our growing communities. Our commitment extends beyond our day-to-day business to fostering lasting relationships with you – our customers – reflecting a dedication to growing the communities around us.

Equip Rental and Sales aims to stand out by offering an extensive inventory available for both rental and sale, catering to construction projects, home improvement, and your weekend DIY endeavors. Our well-experienced staff, with over 20 years in the rental business, ensures that our customers not only receive high-quality equipment, but also valuable insights and guidance in finding the right tools for their specific needs.

Not content with meeting current demands, Equip Rental and Sales is committed to looking ahead and staying at the forefront of the equipment rental and sales industry. Through consistent investments in new equipment and ongoing staff training, we guarantee a top-tier service that quickly adapts to meet your growing needs. With a strong emphasis on our local roots, Equip Rental and Sales is the go-to resource for rental equipment in St. Peters, St. Charles, and Wentzville. We make a commitment to availability, customer support, and local service that, we hope, makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking quality equipment solutions. Equip Rental and Sales is not just a rental destination; we’re your friend, ready to serve, grow, and contribute to the success of the communities that we call home.

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