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Equip Rental and Sales is Hiring!

Equip Rental and Sales is always looking for the next great addition to our growing team. We’re excited by the opportunity to invite you to our team – click below and get started today!

Equip Rental & Sales
Job Application

Click here to acces the Equip Rental and Sales job application!

Equip Rental and Sales Auto-Pay

Equip Rental and Sales offers an easy-to-use automatic payment system, designed to ensure your projects continue without interruption. Customers who wish to take advantage of our unique Auto-Pay system must provide either a Certificate of Insurance or sign up for our Equipment Protection Plan. Click the links below to access these documents or learn more about these great plans!

Auto-Pay Application

Access the Equip Rental and Sales auto-pay form by clicking this box!

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Click here to view Equip Rental and Sales' sample certificate of insurance.

Equipment Protection Plan Info

Click here to learn about the specifics of our Equipment Protection Plan.

equip rental and sales' equipment protection plan

Click to learn more about our Equipment Protection Plan!

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